Who I am

Dr Fawaz Al-Khateeb

Dr Fawaz Al-Khateeb is a lawyer with vast experience in publishing legal content that combines theoretical and practical aspects of the law, becoming keen to consistently contribute to the legal field. He aims to enlighten the legal thought in society.

Know More about Dr. Fawaz Al-Khateeb

Dr Fawaz Al-Khateeb is a member of the oldest and leading law firms in Kuwait and the Gulf - Taher Group Law Firm (1969). He also works as a visiting assistant professor in the Criminal Department at the Kuwait International Law School.

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Academic background

Dr Fawaz Alkhateeb holds a bachelor’s degree from Kuwait University (2009) and obtained a master’s degree in law from the University of Manchester, UK (2012). He obtained his doctorate in financial crime (insider dealing), with an Islamic philosophical perspective, from Durham University’s Law School, UK (2021). He was a co-convener of the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law at Durham University’s Law School from 2018 to 2020. He has been a member of the board of directors of the Kuwait Institute for Advocacy and Legal Studies at the Bar (Kuwaiti Lawyers Association) since 2020.

Work Experience

• Member at the Kuwait Lawyers Association (BAR) 2009.
• Dr Alkhateeb has had exposure as a legal consultant at the British Legal Advisory Center in Manchester in collaboration with Clifford Chance LLP, Hill Dickinson Law Firm and Manchester University.
• Member of the board of directors of the Kuwait Institute for Advocacy and Legal Studies at the Bar (Kuwaiti Lawyers Association) since 2020.
• A teaching assistant at KILAW from 2014 to 2015.
• Awarded the Strategic Management and Leadership qualification (CMI Level 7) from the Chartered Management Institute and Queens’ University Belfast, UK, in 2018.
• A certified quality auditor at the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) since 2014.
• Registered Receiver at the Ministry of Justice, Kuwait.
• Registered Arbitrator at the Commercial Arbitration Center of Kuwait in the BAR.
• Registered Arbitrator at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Kuwait.
• Co-Convener of the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law at Durham University, Law School.
• Member and vice-president of the Kuwaiti Mind Sports Association (Kuwait Chess Federation) 2014–2017

Social Contribution

▪ Doing Business in the State of Kuwait: An Overview (Thomson Reuters, Q&A, January 2022) Link.
▪ "Reducing Corporate Responsibility: Advice from the External Consultant" (Association of Institutional Advisors ‘ACC’ 2017) p 34.
▪ "The Impact of Economic Theory on Corporate Law in the United Kingdom and the State of Kuwait – Comparative Study" (JD Supra, LLC 2012).
▪ "Building Consistent and Stable Countries" (Kuwait: National Consensus Conference ‘INCM’ conference paper, April 2014).
Dr Alkhateeb has also defended the rights of prisoners and detainees, and several international human rights reports have highlighted his legal efforts regarding detainees, including the report issued by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations from the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in the opinion adopted at its eighty-eighth session. He has also advocated the inclusion of the Forensic Medicine Department in the Ministry of Justice, instead of the Ministry of the Interior, to facilitate independence and help limit torture. He has presented much legislative support for the independence and impartiality of the justice system in Kuwait by providing his legal opinion on several legislations related to (1) Law No. (70) of 2020 regarding the practice of the medical profession (2) Criminal law and Criminal Procedure law (3) Electronic Litigation (4) Law on Statelessness through working with NGOs, the Kuwaiti Lawyer Association (BAR) and committees in the Parliament. He contributed to the World Bank’s global indicators (The World Development Indicators) in the field of investment climate and business empowerment, as well as in the area of women’s economic participation within the framework of Kuwaiti law in 2021. Dr Alkhateeb is a legal influencer in Kuwait and the GCC, with controversial views that he expresses by promoting freedom of belief, anti-racism, and advocates preventing any exploitation of criminal law to impose ideologies and promotes the benefits of pluralism. He also advocates promoting women’s participation in all sectors based on equality and ceasing the gender-based discrimination inherited by the tradition. He has also called for the activation of absolute judicial supervision on all issues, such as deporting foreigners, nationality and rights of worship, in contrast to current policy in the State of Kuwait and GCC. He is a columnist for Arab Times and his fingerprints are seen in leading media channels such as BBC Arabic, Reuters, Al-Arabiya, Sky News, Swissinfo, Kuwait Official TV Arabic and English channels, The Kuwaiti Parliament official TV, Al-Qabas, Kuwait FM and Marina FM to name a few.